Behind Wilbur, the label

Designed with our busy lifestyles in mind.

Hi! ( thanks for visiting! ) 


Welcome to all things Wilbur, It’s Rebecca here, the person behind the label! The designer, fabric finder, and all-round dreamer.


I am a mum of two amazing little people, Perth businesswomen and it was always my dream to find my footing in fashion.


After 10 year+ years in our great mining industry and my 2 kids in school, I was ready to pursue my passion for fashion… ha! 


I always design with the versatility and effortless styling at the forefront, I design for busy women who can effortlessly go from a meeting, whether it be a school meeting, dentist appointment or from a corporate boardroom straight to a lunch date with some girlfriends. 


I source all fabric to find the best quality which will become your wardrobe essentials throughout the seasons. I work directly with my pattern maker and seamstresses to make this label as accessible as I can for everyone. 


I officially launched in 2017. And since then, I have released five collections of stylish essentials busy women can just throw on and go – classic pieces always in style.


Proudly, Wilbur the label can now be found in Periscope Clothing boutique, Saxsea in Hillary’s, seasonal pop-ups, and of course, online.

Since launching I feel I have developed a loyal following of stylish mums and professionals who love my effortless, everyday designs.

Lots coming up at the end of 2020 with Wilbur, bringing my label back to accessible, good quality everyday essentials and the launch of my new line! Stay tuned!

Rebecca xx

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